.:vVv:. is a friendly online gaming clan. We play nightly on many different games, like L4D, BF2142, Quakelive, COD4 & UT3 just to name a few ... Other games will likely follow! We want to make our name known in the online community as a friendly gaming clan for all skill levels. Once folks see the fun and camaraderie we share, those without clan affiliations will most likely want to know:

HOW CAN I JOIN .:vVv:. ?

We're looking for people with GREAT gaming attitudes and sportsmanship. Your ATTITUDE towards the game and your clan is MORE important than your skill level!

After all, this is supposed to be ALL ABOUT THE FUN!

Clan membership is by invitation only... we have to get to know you first!

An invitation for membership is just not sent on the basis of how long you have been playing the servers or your forum participation alone. Once members get to know you eventually one will decide, " Hey (your name) might make a great addition to .:vVv:. !"

If they do they will nominate you, and the membership will discuss you as a potential member.

Overall, the best way for us to get to know YOU is to play on the .:vVv:. Servers and make yourself known on our .:vVv:. Forum by contributing.

You can access our forum by clicking on the link below or via the button on the main page.

The .:vVv:. Clan Forums

All of us here like to read the many posts put there by clan members and guests. So, Your input there will help us get to know you.

See a .:vVv:. member in the servers? Come on in and say "Howdy" and frag away.

.:vVv:. is about having fun and fellowship with other people that love Unreal Tournament and Call of Duty 4.

If all the above interests you and you can meet these requirements, then get to know us...and lets see what happens!

We hope to see YOU in the GAME! :)

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