Welcome to the .:vVv:. Clan site,

we are a competitive

Unreal Tournament 3


Call of Duty 4 Clan.

These are Games; we play them for FUN!

We have come together in the hopes of improving and enhancing that online experience, as a brotherhood and a team.
We will strive to be gracious and helpful hosts to our visitors and to be courteous in victory or defeat.
We will do our best to give a good name to the .:vVv:. Clan,
in being good competitors and great people to play with.
We will provide a great gaming environment for clan members and the public to enjoy; on whatever skill level they may bring to our server.
Players of all skill levels are welcome here.
We take our game seriously and welcome the public to our server. BUT…as we will act as gracious hosts to the public, we expect the public to act as gracious guests.
We will tolerate NO abuse or disrespect of ANYONE on our server.
Doing so would take the FUN out of the game, and we’re all about the fun!

Welcome To Our Home!!!

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